Exceptional Water Quality

A key consideration in deploying water purification solutions is the quality of water produced.  First Water strives to deliver the best possible water by utilizing advanced purification technologies coupled with UV disinfection.  Each emergency water purifier has been independently certified to stringent NSF protocols and ships with a certificate of testing.

In addition to First Water commissioned testing, many customers internally verify our claims.  Hospitals, state health departments and universities have all confirmed the superior performance of our systems both in laboratories and on the ground.  Most recently, US Army MEDCOM showed outstanding results from highly contaminated water in a field test.

Full test overview here

Bacterial Growth (HPC Plate Count) Reduction: 19,500 cfu > 0 cfu (USARMY)



Total Coliform Reduction: 21 cfu > 0 cfu (USARMY)



Test Unit (USARMY)


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