Water Purification in Fixed Facilities

The ability of First Water purification systems to adapt to both field use and fixed facility operations is a tremendous advantage.  Emergency managers do not always have a central tank to draw water from, and often they will need to deliver water to very specific points of application.

This video demonstrates just how easy it is to adapt a portable water purifier to a fixed facility appliance application.  In the example, we have supplied an ice maker in a hospital with clean water.  This set up is ideal for boil wate advisories or pressure drops.

Hospital Water Disruption Best Practices

The California Hospital Association recently released guidelines and best practices for preparing for and responding to a water disruption.  California is especially interested water sustainability, as it is a scarce resource in the state.  Northers California is susceptible to earthquakes that could disrupt 85% of the Bay Area’s water supply.  The Los Angeles area gets 85% of it’s water from the Los Angeles aqueduct system, which could be easily damaged in a natural disaster.

Healthcare providers across the county are faces with the same challenges as California.  Emergency Managers must put plans in place that account for most any water disruption event.  The fragile infrastructure in our country makes events like boil water advisories common.  The American Water Works Association estimates that there are an average of 15 water main breaks per 100 miles of water main each year.  Coupled with a natural disaster that damages transportation corridors, healthcare facilities must be self reliant for the 96 hour window.

First Water provides a suite of Water Purification solutions developed exclusively for the healthcare industry.  The Healthcare Facility Configurations create a turnkey solution for emergency managers.  Mobile Trailer Solutions give mobility and flexibility to deployments.