• Emergency Water

    Portable water purifiers for healthcare and government. Be prepared for water disruption in your facility or community.

Advanced Technology

First Water deploys advanced filtration technology to produce microbiologically safe drinking water.  Multi tiered disinfection ensures redundancy in the filtration process.  Our proprietary Zeonic filter removes living organisms such as viruses, bacteria and cysts and has been tested against the most stringent EPA and DoD standards.

Emergency Purification

Portable emergency water purification systems have been engineered specifically for the emergency management industry.  From highly portable solar powered purifiers to large volume wall mounted systems, First Water has a solution for most any water contingency plan.

Proven in the Field

First Water is trusted by 600+ hospitals as well as numerous government agencies, international non-profits and the US Military.  Solutions are ideally suited for:

  • Healthcare
  • Coalitions
  • Government
  • Military

Water Purification Systems

Systems range in capacity from 2 gpm to 20 gpm.

Full line of accessories support water storage and distribution.

Pre-configured packages make covering your facility or community easy.


Source Water Storage

Supply Station 3,000 | Supply Station 300


Water Purification

FW-120 | FW-300 | FW-1200


Clean Water Distribution

Filling Station | AquaBags | Bladders

Configured Packages

Pre-configured packages take the guesswork out of water contingency planning.  These turnkey solutions are developed with the end user in mind, providing everything needed to successfully mitigate a water disruption.

Each configuration is highly scalable, allowing you to target your own needs while remaining in your budget.  Configurations are ideal for a variety of customers including Healthcare Coalitions, Hospitals and Government Agencies.

Portable Purifier Demo
Fixed Facilities

What others say about us

“When I looked at the devastation of the tsunamis and the situation after Hurricane Katrina, I realized that the time delay in getting bottled water is extreme.  Stockpiling a 21 day supply of water is simply not feasible.  If you are vulnerable to geological or water events, I recommend the solutions from First Water.”

“The equipment worked flawlessly and the First Water team was a very important part of our response”

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