First Water offers training packages designed to equip your team with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully deploy your equipment during a water disruption. Our implementation experts travel to your location and provide a comprehensive training program while addressing the specific needs of your site. The course is ideal for emergency management staff, safety committees, facility engineers or administrators. Training provides staff with both high level concepts as well as equipment operational procedures.

Extended training packages offer an ongoing, 4 year program. With both low cost online interaction and site visits, your staff will remain deployment ready no matter what turnover you may experience.

The Standard Training Package is included with all HCF and MTS configurations and available separately for all other equipment.


Standard TrainingExtended Training
Year OneOne OnSite Course
Year TwoSite Specific Online Course
Year ThreeSite Specific Online Course
Year FourOne Onsite Course and
Equipment Inspection*

*Equipment inspection includes visual inspection of filtration unit, filters and uv lamp as well as inventory of equipment components and accessories. Inspection does not include flow or operation of equipment. Inspection is limited to equipment present at the training location.

“I have personally attended multiple First Water training sessions. The capability of the instructor, as well as the quality of the content, meant a very productive session for our teams. In Los Angeles, we want to make sure our teams are fully trained, whether they be new employees or established veterans. First Water training helps satisfy that goal.”
James Eads
Chief, Disaster Response, Los Angeles County

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