Nepal Disaster Response

First Water is working with Mercy Chefs to mobilize emergency water purification systems and strike teams to the regions impacted by Typhoon Haiyan.  The need for clean water is extreme and immediate.  If you would like to donate water purifiers to the relief effort, or if you need equipment to support an ongoing operation please give us a call at 770-442-8257.

Below you will find the equipment best suited for response to the Philippines.  All items are available for immediate shipment.  Our non-profit partners are processing donations and equipment deployment.

Clean Sip Straws

These are water purification systems contained in a straw.  Easy to deploy and distribute, they are ideal as a donation item for immediate shipment to the region for distribution to the population.

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Solar powered water purification unit contained in a rugged, briefcase sized case.  It weighs 60 lbs and is capable of producing 2 gallons per minute.  It is ideal for supporting response teams headed to the region.  It can be checked as airline luggage and serve the drinking water, hygiene and food preparation need of response crews as well as typhoon victims.

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This unit has a capacity of 20 gallons per minute and is ideal for a larger, coordinated effort.  It can support communities and villages, public points of distribution and infrastructure such as hospitals and medical shelters.

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Exceptional Water Quality

A key consideration in deploying water purification solutions is the quality of water produced.  First Water strives to deliver the best possible water by utilizing advanced purification technologies coupled with UV disinfection.  Each emergency water purifier has been independently certified to stringent NSF protocols and ships with a certificate of testing. Read more

Introducing Emergency Drinking Water Program

Designed specifically for Healthcare Coalitions, the Hospital Emergency Drinking Water Program replaces the expensive and ineffective reliance on bottled water for water main breaks and emergencies that has repeatedly failed. On-site water purification equipment is the modern way to reduce cost, free up storage space, and eliminate impossible delivery logistics.

The entire solution can be moved by one person in any automobile to any location in need. This perfect solution for your Coalition can be stored at a central hospital and delivered to any other hospital or Long Term Care facility in minutes.