Providing Water Purification to the Developing World

First Water is proud to partner with many great organizations to get clean water to the poorest populations of the world.  The Dominican Republic is close to home and has a drastic need to safe, effective water purifiers that are easy to deploy and operate.  Partnering with [email protected], First Water has created a deployment strategy utilizing the FW-720-P.  This wall mounted water purifier is capable of drawing water from existing sources such as cisterns and storage tanks.  Through an innovative treatment process, microbiologically safe water is produced from virtually any source.

The FW-720 has many advantages in the developing world.  Ease of installation and operation are at the top of the list.  The ability to add solar power to the water filtration system is very helpful in a country with unreliable electricity.  You can read about the latest installation at the link below.

Article: Providing Water Purification to the Dominican Republic