Operation Medical Shelter

First Water is proud to say that we were the only water purification Company honored to participate in this national exercise. We stand ready to serve all those in need during times of water disruption.

Boil Water Advisory Impacts Hospital, Food Service

Heavy rains in Danville, VA impacted the cities ability to provide safe drinking water to Danville Regional Medical Center as well as other businesses.  Read the full story here: http://articles.wdbj7.com/2012-03-27/water-notice_31246549


Flooding is a major concern to municipalities, critical facilities and businesses.  During severe floods or even heavy rains, municipal water treatment facilities can become compromised.  In Danville, a large amount of harmful chemicals like fertilizer from early spring planting mixed with heavy rains, overloaded the water treatment facility, and in turn compromised the city water supply.  A boil water advisory was issued to the community.

Businesses were immediately impacted.  All water used for cooking and food preparation had to be boiled before use.  Ice production was no longer possible and ice was shipped in from outside sources.  While local businesses were convienent, Danville Regional Medical Center was under a state of emergency.

Healthcare facilities and hospitals face the unique challenge of caring for patients under any circumstance.  Inconviences can quickly turn into critical situations.  When a hospital looses water, many critical functions are impacted.  From patient care to laboratories to dialysis to food service, safe and clean water is essential.  Hospital CEO, Eric Deaton, said that the facility was using 60 gallons of water every minute.  That equates to 170 thousand gallons each day.  Finding a constant water source to supply demand can quickly become challenging.

First Water offers a line of portable water purification systems that equip hospitals to manage water disruptions and boil water advisories in-house.  Our systems utilize advanced water filtration technologyand ultraviolet disinfection to provide safe drinking water in the wake of emergencies.  We have equipped over 400 commercial hospitals and various state agencies to manage water disruption with their own emergency water purification systems.  Recently, Minot, ND, Nashville, TN and Toledo, ORhave deployed First Water equipment when heavy rains and floods impacted city water treatment much like in Danville.