Nepal Disaster Response

First Water is working with Mercy Chefs to mobilize emergency water purification systems and strike teams to the regions impacted by Typhoon Haiyan.  The need for clean water is extreme and immediate.  If you would like to donate water purifiers to the relief effort, or if you need equipment to support an ongoing operation please give […]

Exceptional Water Quality

A key consideration in deploying water purification solutions is the quality of water produced.  First Water strives to deliver the best possible water by utilizing advanced purification technologies coupled with UV disinfection.  Each emergency water purifier has been independently certified to stringent NSF protocols and ships with a certificate of testing.

Introducing Emergency Drinking Water Program

Designed specifically for Healthcare Coalitions, the Hospital Emergency Drinking Water Program replaces the expensive and ineffective reliance on bottled water for water main breaks and emergencies that has repeatedly failed. On-site water purification equipment is the modern way to reduce cost, free up storage space, and eliminate impossible delivery logistics. The entire solution can be moved by one person in any automobile to any location in […]

Environmental Protection Online Highlights First Water

Med Sled® announced its new partnership as a value added reseller of First Water® mobile water filtration systems. Med Sled® has been developing products to support evacuations during worst-case scenarios; through this partnership, the company will address customers’ crucial need for sustainability during emergency operations by offering complete water filtration solutions. “A clean source of […]

Water Purification Exercise

First Water Systems conducted a live exercise on the Chattahooche River on March 11 to demonstrate water purification capabilities to local emergency managers.  In attendance were a variety of officials from both government and private organizations.

Proposed Rules Address Emergency Preparedness

The Department of Health and Human Services has proposed new rules that establish national emergency preparedness requirements for healthcare providers that participate in Medicare and Medicaid. These new rules are intended to ensure that these facilities are adequately prepared for both natural and man made disasters.  During times of disaster, it is essential that these […]

Water Purification in Fixed Facilities

The ability of First Water purification systems to adapt to both field use and fixed facility operations is a tremendous advantage.  Emergency managers do not always have a central tank to draw water from, and often they will need to deliver water to very specific points of application. This video demonstrates just how easy it […]

Is Bottled Water Enough for Your Facility to Sustain Operations During an Emergency?

Long-term care facilities house the most vulnerable population and during an emergency ensuring their wellbeing and continuity of care can be challenging. Emergencies can be large-scale such as flooding and earthquakes or isolated, such as water-main breaks. Regardless of the type of emergency, potable water is essential, not only for drinking, but for maintaining facility […]

Kentucky Ice Storm

Natural disasters often leave critical infrastructures and utilities compromised.  Water is a primary need for any community or facility in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.  It is necessary not only of immediate survival, but also for efficient recovery.  The ability to provide safe drinking water to impacted citizens, emergency personnel, and community infrastructure will greatly […]

Inside Scoop on Clean Water

First Water founder Tom Flaim recently presented water purification solutions on Washington D.C. based Emerald Planet.  Emerald Planet is a non profit organization committed to identifying 1,000 best practices to arrest, and possible reverse the impacts of climate change.  The EmeraldPlanet works in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in collaboration with the PanAmerican-PanAfrican […]

Hospital Water Disruption Best Practices

The California Hospital Association recently released guidelines and best practices for preparing for and responding to a water disruption.  California is especially interested water sustainability, as it is a scarce resource in the state.  Northers California is susceptible to earthquakes that could disrupt 85% of the Bay Area’s water supply.  The Los Angeles area gets […]

Boil Water Advisory Impacts Hospital, Food Service

Heavy rains in Danville, VA impacted the cities ability to provide safe drinking water to Danville Regional Medical Center as well as other businesses.  Read the full story here: ————– Flooding is a major concern to municipalities, critical facilities and businesses.  During severe floods or even heavy rains, municipal water treatment facilities can become compromised. […]