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Introducing Water on Demand

Water on Demand is an insurance program designed to reduce the need for large, up-front equipment purchases.  Equipment is stored in central caches and delivered in the event of an emergency.  A small monthly fee allows acces to the cache and support during any deployment.

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Ideal For:

  • Long Term Care
  • Small Clinics
  • Rehab Centers
  • Public Health Departments


emergency water treatment

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mobile water purifier

Mobile Water Purification

The M Line from First Water offers portable emergency water purification systems built on a mobile platform. From briefcase size units, to containerized solutions, to trailer configurations, the M Line gives you a flexible deployment platform.

Perfect For:

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Permanent Water Purifiers

The P Line from First Water provides water purification solutions for fixed installation in facilities or on vehicles.  Water contingency plans will often contain critical points of need such as ice machines or dialysis.  Permanent water purification units can support these locations and reduce deployment logistics.

Perfect For:

  • Hospitals
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Food Service Facilities
  • Industrial Applications
  • Fire Trucks and Tankers
  • International Aid Applications


water purification system

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water treatment trailer

Water Purification Configurations

Configurations take the guess work out of water contingency planning by offering turnkey solutions designed for application in a specific environment.  Configurations are selected based on your industry then sized to fit your facility, community or campus. 

Configuration Overview:

  • Healthcare Facility Configurations (HCF)TM - Hospitals or fixed healthcare facilities. Size based on bed count.
  • Mobile Trailer Solutions (MTS)TM - Communities or customers desiring a mobile platform. Size based on purification capacity.
  • Campus Cluster Configurations (CCC)TM - University or college campuses. Size based on student population.

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